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Kimberly Dubsky, Oak Park, Illinois

"When the roof under my balcony deck began to leak, I did not know where to turn for help until a friend referred me to Angelo Messina. Angelo not only repaired the leak and sealed the roof, but also designed and built a new deck that suited my needs as well as my pocketbook. What is more, Angelo paid close attention to detail, and strove to make sure the deck blended perfectly with the Victorian style of my home. I am delighted with the finished product, and look forward to spending countless summer evenings enjoying the view from my beautiful new balcony!"

Cristina Allegrini, Park Ridge, Illinois

"Abbey Group LLC did our home inspection and we were truly impressed with the knowledge and the thoroughness of the inspection. Angelo was prompt and responded quickly to our request for inspection. He identified issues that we were able to negotiate; Highly recommended!"  

Danielle and Pete Tomczak, Glen Ellyn, Illinois 

"A very beloved thanks for all your thoughtful and through help with our old home, and in buying or new home.  After seven years of weeding our shady or unfair contractors, it was such a pleasure to work with you on our old home. You took the time and care to really get to the core of our homes problems and come up with the best way to fix them with wonderful vendors, and at a fair cost.  Our home inspection on Hill seven years ago was a joke compared to the amazing inspection you conducted on Braeburn.  It was so incredibly through, well written and professionally put together with amazing photos and comments that can guide us as home owners for years to come. Honestly, it was unbelievably well done! I had to even double check with Pete that I was reading an inspection because it was so nice and easy to understand.  Our buyer's inspection on Hill and our own inspection on Hill were so illegible and hard to understand as a lay person.  We would love to be references for you and your work, should you ever need us. Thank you again for all your hard work on our behalf and for how kind and honest you were to work with.  Blessing's to you and your business".  


Todd Nordwig, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin                   

"Re: Abbey Group Home Inspection

      April 2013

      Recently I contracted Abbey Group/Angelo Messina to do a home inspection on a 50 year old home, out buildings and surrounding acreage (3.5 acres) that I intended to purchase.

      Mr. Messina was timely, thorough and provided a detailed written report on the prospective property. His attention to detail, especially in the written report which included multiple photos, was above and       beyond previous home inspections I have had done. I could not have been more satisfied. I did purchase the property without hesitation, and am very happy with the home.
I recommend Abbey Group and Mr. Messina without reservation. For any future inspections, I will look to Mr. Messina and his company to provide services".  

      T. M. Nordwig 


Maria Ritacca, Weston, Florida

   "Angelo Joseph designed and built an addition for an historically significant home for our family in the Vilas Park neighborhood of Madison, Wisconsin. This home is a Victorian and high quality home in one of the finest neighborhoods in this City. Fine products and architecturally correct woodwork was used throughout which enhanced the appearance and monetary value of the home. The design gave a vantage point to a view of the beautiful park and lagoon that are visible from the architecturally correct bay windows. The owner was delighted with the results." 

Henry Sapoznik, Madison, Wisconsin

Recently hired Abbey Group for a surgical kitchen remodel: new lights, double hung sink window, countertops and under-mount sink, ceiling replacement and painting. Angelo oversaw it all with an attention to detail, access to superior sources of people/materials and a dedication to our contractual agreement.   He returned calls/e-mails in a timely fashion and provided insights into practical/esthetic improvement possibilities which were spot on and always greatly appreciated.  The remodel began and ended within the targeted time and best of all, even with my last minute changes, the budget barely went over 10% of the estimate, a cost overrun irrelevancy. Caring, neat and dependable: I couldn't be happier with Abbey Group.