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 Inspecting a Home    

A home inspection is a thorough visual examination of the home and property. Many mortgage companies insist on a home inspection report before agreeing to a mortgage, so a pre-sale inspection enables you to address problems before you even put the house on the market. It also removes any questions about the condition of your home for you and a potential homebuyer, improving the speed, price and likelihood of a sale.

The inspection process usually takes three to five hours, during which time the house is examined from the ground up. It includes observation and, when appropriate, operation of the plumbing, heating, air conditioning, electrical, and appliance systems, as well as structural components, such as the roof, foundation, basement, exterior and interior walls, chimney, doors and windows.

Some home sellers elect not to correct every defect found in the inspection report. Instead, they acknowledge the defects to buyers and explain that the asking price has been adjusted to reflect the estimated cost of repairs. Such candor tends to shorten negotiation time, because buyers have fewer objections.

In addition to facilitating the sale of a home, an inspection helps the homeowner comply with full-disclosure real estate laws, governed by state laws. By focusing on the condition of your property, you are less likely to overlook a defect or material fact for which you could later be held liable.

A thorough home inspection covers more than 1,000 items, everything from the foundation to roof and takes two to three hours depending on the size of the property. The report should reflect the condition of about 400 items.

The average time to complete an inspection is around 4 hours.

Outside the Home

  • House siding
  • Exterior electric outlets
  • Types and conditions of any walkways, porches, patios, decks, and driveways
  • Types and conditions of the siding, doors, windows, gutters, and downspouts grading around the home.
  • Window wells
  • Water spigots
  • Garage
    • Roof covering, siding and trim
    • Garage doors and springs, automatic garage door opener, if any
    • Electrical
    • Type and condition of the floor
  • Roof
    • Roof material - type, approximate age, number of layers and condition
    • Vents - type
    • Roof flashing - type and condition
    • Plumbing vents - type and condition
    • Valleys - type and condition
    • Skylights - number of, condition
    • (Exterior roof inspection may be limited to a visual inspection from the ground or a ladder due to one or more of the following conditions: excessive height; weather conditions; rain; snow; ice; or other unsafe conditions)
  • Chimney(s)
    • Type, condition, flue type, flue condition

Inside the Home

  • Plumbing
    •  Supply and waste lines - type, location and condition
    • Sanitary and sump pits, pumps 
    • Water heater - age, brand, size, condition
    • Washer or Dryer function
  • Electrical
    • Service entrance location
    • Service panel - type of breakers, amps, volts, apparent problems
    • Branch wiring and sheathing
  • Heating
    • Type, brand, age, condition, fuel type, operation
    • Distribution type
    • Venting of appliance
    • Filter
    • Humidifier
  • Air Conditioning
    • Type, brand, age, condition, operation
  •  Bathrooms
    • Plumbing fixtures
    • Water pressure
    • Drainage
    • Doors, windows, walls, ceiling, floor
    • Electrical  fixtures and outlets
    • Venting
    • Closets
  • Bedrooms and Rooms
    • Doors, windows, walls, ceiling, floor
    • Electrical outlets
    • Closets
  • Kitchen
    • Plumbing fixtures
    • Water pressure
    • Drainage
    • Appliances
    • Cabinets and counter-tops
    • Doors, windows, walls, ceiling, floor

    • Electrical outlets
    • Venting
    • Closets
  • Basement & Crawl Spaces
    • Foundation-type and condition
    • Flooring - type and condition
    • Beams, posts, supports - type and condition
    • Drainage


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