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Design/Build Process



    Preliminary Agreement

In these initial meetings, we examine your vision, values, goals and objectives; develop a space program and its relationship to a defined project budget or developing that budget. We listen and become aware of your functional and spatial requirements. We present photographs of past projects along with references and begin a preliminary estimate range to align with your budget.  By the completion of this phase we develop a rapport and trust to move forward with the execution of a preliminary agreement for development of 2-3 schematic designs in the next phase at which time a 1-2% fee is paid and applied to the final balance. Follow up consultations are scheduled.

Design Development

From the parameters established in the preceding budget/program/schematic phase a detailed survey of your existing home is conducted from which an "as built" drawing is created to provide a framework from which preliminary design concepts will emerge through a series of floor plans, elevations and perspectives, driven entirely by your input and feedback to ensure we are on track with your vision.  Through a series of client meetings these schematic designs are reviewed and tweaked along with budget ranges based on discussions with our consultants and vendors to agree and confirm finish material selections.  We proceed to buy out the major trades based on confirmed budgets and sign a construction document contract approximating 7-8% of the estimated construction costs and due at the completion of this 4 to 5 week phase.

In this phase detailed drawings are presented and approved by the owner with finish allowances agreed upon and finalized.  A pre-construction walk-through is scheduled with the project team (see above) to review approved plans with amendments and final details placed into a contract.  The change order process is discussed and explained to the owner.  A fixed price contract is authorized and signed with a payment plan and draw schedule agreed upon.  A 30-50% initial deposit is paid and applied to the balance. The project is now soft scheduled and a realistic start date established. This phase concludes with site logistic discussions regarding parking, temporary facilities/utilities and site-box locations


Prior to a single shovel put into the ground or hammer swing we will submit a complete set of drawings and specifications to the building department within the local jurisdiction for code compliance and construct-ability review resulting in the issue of required building permits. During this phase you begin to see how the project team's prior planning results in optimal performance during construction.  Our knowledge and collaborative approach will be on full display under the critical eye of our client with the focused goal of exceeding their expectations. Through weekly meetings a series of forecast/flow charts are maintained to illustrate the sequence of events and important start dates and deadlines and ensure clear communication. Our skillful and professional project management will safeguard for thorough dust protection, material checks, trade coordination and required inspections from start to finish. At 95% completion a final walk through with client will generate a punch list, the completion of which will not be signed off until the complete satisfaction of the client and Abbey Group is met or exceeded. A final meeting will review warranty information, make final payment arrangements and pass on helpful tips and advice to the client. Abbey Group endeavors to be in service to our client long after the trades have left and the site is clean.